done Sport Events Crowdfunding

Based on the characteristics of blockchain technology, it uses the traffic of sport stars, events, fans and media to raise funds for the industry and enable sport fans to decide which games they want to watch. According to the contributions of all the crowdfunding parties, the incentive SET tokens are distributed by smart contract without disputes.

done Event prediction

The high uncertainty of the result of sport games makes it have great charm. The prediction market based on blockchain will allow sport fans who are in need of sports prediction to predict with small amount of high frequency. At the same time, it will bring huge traffic and increase the liquidity of SET.

done Sport Star Index

The business value of SEC is closely related to attention economy. A large number of stars have been signed by sport events or teams, and the popularity index of stars will greatly influence the value of the token. Therefore, the business logic of star index will urge all participants to do their best to maintain positive image, avoid fake games such as fake soccer and boxing matches, so as to promote higher business value.


done Sports Prediction

SEC gathers the wisdom of the public to predict the results of sport events, and builds the classical prediction market cases on blockchain technology.

done Sport Events Crowdfunding

Through crowdfunding, all parties can gather traffic to crowdfunding applications. Obtaining tokens through promotion, paying tokens for the expenses of sport events, and eventually make the users watch the games that they want to see become a reality.

done Community, Partner, and Developer Support

SEC will provide a range of development interfaces and data integration interfaces for secondary development by third-party developers, platform operators, and data providers. Community promotion funds are reserved for promotion and developer support.


Economic System

The economic system of SEC will take SET (SuperEvent Token) as the basic tool and its a digital asset based on EOS with a total supply of 1 billion. It will be used as the circulation token for application scenarios such as reserve fund, prediction market, sport events crowdfunding, etc. It is the value circulation medium for all participants in the ecosystem of SEC.


Q1 2019

Structure Design

Business Argumentation

Q2 2019

List on Exchange

Dapp Development

Community Growth and Operation

Q3 2019

Global Roadshow

Development of Smart Contract

Recruiting partners

Q4 2019

Project Investigation

Dapp Trail Operation in the Community


Edwin Van Os
Lily Grace
Tokhtassun Farmin
Simon Rutz




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